Funding partnerships

Every one of our corporate partnerships helps Hand in Hand’s donors meet their CSR objectives, and every one helps some of the world’s poorest women succeed as entrepreneurs. Regardless of grant size, all of our CSR partners received dedicated account management, tailored progress reporting and expert employee and external communications support.

Still, no two partnerships are the same.

Here, in their own words, are some of Hand in Hand’s CSR and sustainability partners.

Alquity is an asset management business that invests in emerging markets across Africa, Asia and Latin America. By January 2019, our partnership will have created 1,680 jobs and improved almost 7,000 lives.

“Alquity invests in companies with sound environmental, social and governance structures. We also donate a minimum 10 percent of revenues to charitable projects on equally solid footing, tackling social and economic challenges that changes in corporate behaviour alone cannot address. By partnering with Hand in Hand and supporting grassroots entrepreneurship we’re enabling growth from the bottom up, building sustainable economies in the countries where we invest. We’re also offering our clients a connection to social progress alongside handsome returns.”

-Paul Robinson, Executive Chairman & Founder

Conrad Capital is an innovative principal lender offering highly competitive short- and medium-term business loans that are not available to clients from High Street lenders. In 2019, our partnership will support entrepreneurs in Afghanistan and Kenya.

“At the core of Conrad Capital’s ethos is an absolute focus on service levels, which complements our other strengths, but in truth there is nothing unique about these separate elements. Like Hand in Hand, it is the way in which we combine these elements that sets our proposition apart. On a day-to-day basis, we work with business partners with whom we have many synergies, so it’s little surprise that for our newly launched philanthropic arm we have sought charitable partners that share our core entrepreneurial ethos. The Conrad Team is excited by the prospect of contributing to an organisation that, through its focus on grassroots entrepreneurship, places the destinies of so many people back into their own hands.”

-John Clifford BSc. (Hons), Founder and Managing Director

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Instant Impact is an award-winning early careers recruitment company and Corporate Patron of Hand in Hand. Over the course of our two-year partnership, we’ve created more than 700 jobs and improved 1,000-plus lives.

“Instant Impact helps graduates and young professionals kick-start their careers in some of the UK’s most innovative businesses. Fitting, then, that we partner with Hand in Hand International – the country’s leading job creation NGO – as a Corporate Patron to create ‘Jobs Across the Globe’. Beyond bolstering our brand and company values, our partnership with Hand in Hand helps keep our young staff proud and motivated. As Instant Impact knows better than most, millennials favour employers that place mission alongside profit.”

-Rob Blythe, Founder and Director

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Temenos is a banking software specialist that helps banks and other financial institutions process customer transactions more efficiently. In 2018, we partnered to move an entire village from subsistence to success.

“Partnering with Hand in Hand to support financial inclusion and the creation of jobs is helping Temenos meet our commitment to UN Sustainable Development Goals. In particular, we are contributing to SDG 1, ending poverty in all its forms everywhere, and SDG 8, promoting decent work and economic growth.”

-Kalliopi Chioti, Group CSR Manager

More testimonials

"Cevian Capital is proud to support Hand in Hand. As one of their Village Programme sponsors, we are helping to transform life in Mai Mahiu, Kenya, by backing the creation of 300 micro-enterprises. We look forward to watching Mai Mahiu flourish, and encourage others to sponsor villages of their own." Cevian Capital
"Philanthropy has always been at the core of our ethos. We have been mindful that the benefits of the success we have enjoyed should be shared with the local communities where our businesses operate and flourish. Our philanthropic efforts are aimed at helping to empower the less fortunate. Partnering with Hand in Hand helps us to further this goal because their initiatives are well thought out, targeted, measurable and evaluated to ensure the highest return." Kewalram Chanrai Group
"Make My Day Better is the charity established by DialAFlight and the Lotus Group, one of the UK’s leading travel companies. We fund projects in the UK and around the world, guided by the principle that the majority of our funding should directly benefit people in need.

We are pleased to support Hand in Hand to train women in Kenya to become ‘Mumpreneurs’. The emphasis on saving, training and entrepreneurship creates sustainable micro-businesses that will transform the lives of the women, their families and whole communities." Lotus Group

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We’re always eager to discuss your fundraising ideas – and to share ours. To find out more about how we can help you achieve your CSR objectives or SDG goals, please get in touch with your dedicated account manager today.

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