Going shopping? Support Hand in Hand at AmazonSmile

09 Oct 2019

Your one-stop shop.

Shop on Amazon? Of course you do.

One, they’ve got everything. Two, getting packages in the mail is awesome. And now there’s a third reason: whenever you buy something – like a pocket watch with a dinosaur on it, for example – Amazon will donate 0.5 percent of the net purchase price to Hand in Hand International.

All you need to do is follow three easy steps.

1) Follow this link.

2) Click ‘yes’ on the pop-up box asking if you’d like to support Hand in Hand.

3) Buy something. (Maybe you’d like a life-size skeleton model or a chia pet that looks like Sophia from ‘Golden Girls’.)

Easy, right? And the best part? As long as you as remember to access the site via smile.amazon.co.uk, every purchase you make from here to eternity will help create jobs and empower women – which is more than most people can say when they buy an inflatable alien.