Watch Hand in Hand in action in Kenya

The ACT village in Kenya

Join the ACT in lifting an entire village in Kenya out of poverty through entrepreneurship

The ACT Village Uplift Programme in Kenya will attack poverty on a community-wide scale, bringing Hand in Hand’s job creation model to hundreds of grassroots entrepreneurs at once.

If you would like to read about the impact of our programme in another village in Kenya then click here.

In the meantime, here is a sneak preview of  some of the great auction lots available at the Annual Gala Dinner on November 14. Up for sale are: the chance to watch a broadcast of BBC’s Today Programme, a 4-Person tour of the McLaren Technology Centre,  a private wine tasting of Italian wines for four friends, a butchery class with London Butcher, the Ginger Pig….and many more. Check back here for updates as November 14 gets closer.

If you, the ACT, were to raise £50,000 for the ACT village then together we will:





Train approximately 394 people





Create some 271 businesses







Create up to 356 jobs






Improve more than 1,000 lives