Welcome to the ACT village, Ntirimiti, Kenya

Thank you for your generous donation to Hand in Hand Eastern Africa’s Community Uplift Programme. Thanks to your donation, the village of Ntirimiti will be transformed over the next two and a half years. Together, we will aim to train 500 poor and marginalised people in entrepreneurship. This will lead to some 350 small enterprises being created and strengthened, which in turn will lead to approximately 1,250 children, women and men being lifted out of poverty.

About your village

Tree nursery | Ntirimiti, Kenya

Ntirimiti is on the eastern slopes of Mount Kenya where just ten per cent of the local population have jobs with a regular wage. However, lack of skills and capital has hindered the growth of the growth of self-employment. As an example, many local farmers have tried to establish tree nursery businesses but, without the proper structures and irrigation, many are struggling.

Hand in Hand is confident its programme, which combines savings and business skills, will make a real difference to the working lives of the residents of Ntirimiti.

Nothing like Hand in Hand Eastern Africa’s Community Uplift Programme as ever been tried in Ntirimiti before, but that is precisely why local leaders have welcomed us into their community. It is their co-operation that will enable us to work effectively.

Ann Wamwea, your Business Relationship Officer (BRO)

Business Relationship Officer (BRO),Ann Wamwea, is the trainer who will support Ntirimiti’s villagers on their journey from subsistence to success.

Ann is 28 years old and joined Hand in Hand Eastern Africa in March 2015. She graduated from the University of Nairobi with a Bachelors of Arts Degree in Economics and Sociology. She is familiar with the area and gets on well with the community and local leaders, local administrators and other NGOs in the area.

Ann tells us, “I am looking forward to creating impact and bringing about change in Ntirimiti. I have already met several of the local residents. It is really encouraging to see how enthusiastic they are to learn and to work their way out of poverty.”

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