Five Indian women sitting outside a house.

Hand in Hand we can help women beat the odds and succeed as entrepreneurs

By 2026, we aim to reach a total of 5.2m jobs created, lifting women and their families out of poverty. We will do this by supporting 80,000 women a year spread out across five countries to beat the odds and succeed as entrepreneurs.

Seven in 10 of them will set off on a journey as successful start-up entrepreneurs, turning a decent profit for the very first time. The remaining 3 in 10 will go even further and increase their business net income well above the poverty line in the countries where they live.

Eight in 10 of them will increase their bargaining power at home and at work. And we’ll develop a model for how the farmers among them can become leaders in planet-friendly agriculture, turning a profit today and thriving in future.

To make it all happen, we’ll not just collect, but act, on digital data in all our key projects. We’ll also build out our award-winning team, 8 of 10 of whom will recommend Hand in Hand as an employer of choice. Together, they’ll raise almost US $25 million a year.


Eradicate poverty

Long term, we aim to eradicate poverty in the communities where we work

Transform 80,000 lives

We aim to raise enough funds in to transform 80,000 lives a year

Based on Guardian datablog charity donations list (minus FACE ratios for The Gavi Fund Affiliate and International Finance Facility for Immunisation Company)

$0.90 of every $1 goes to programmes

On average, the UK’s 10 biggest development NGOs spend $0.80