Alphonsia I Milking success

With just one acre to her name, Alphonsia had grown bananas for many years, taking a small basket with five or six bananas to the market every day, when they were in season. Each banana would sell for between TZS 6,000 to TZS 10,000 (US $2.5 – US$4.2). To this she would add some TZS 171,000 (US $72) a month by selling milk. But, even so, she had barely enough to get by. 

When she joined Hand in Hand, Alphonsia not only learned how to run a business but also the essential technical information to increase her cow’s milk production. With her newfound knowledge and a modest savings, Alphonsia upgraded the barn, invested in the necessary medicines to protect her cow from diseases, and most importantly, improved the quality of feed.

Now that same cow yields three times the quantity of milk it did before, earning Alphonsia some TZS 513,00 (US $218) per month. 

Looking to the future, Alphonsia is saving towards the TZS 2m (US $850) she needs to buy a different breed of cow whose yield will be greater still.