Bhanumati making mats with co-workers | The mat manufacturer |India

Bhanumathi, the mat manufacturer

 Bhanumathi used to supplement the family income by making and selling coconut fibre mats.

Illness strikes

Bhanumati and a co worker making mats. However, this side activity became their only source of income when illness forced her husband to close his welding business three years ago. Overnight their income fell from INR 7,000 (US $121) to INR 3,000 (US $52) per month.

In desperation, Bhanumathi tried to increase the rate of production of her mats but with little education and no knowledge of how to run a business, she ended up making a loss.

Training leads to profits

Portraut of Bhanumathi

It was not until she joined a Self-Help Group that Bhanumathi learned how to successfully expand her business and turn it into a gainful enterprise. Today, Bhanumathi provides jobs for 10 local women and receives bulk orders from many wholesalers.

 Bhanumathi’s Results

Net monthly profit of INR 9,000 (US $156)

Jobs for 10 local women

Bulk orders from wholesalers throughout the region