Elitruda, poultry entrepreneur

Elitruda is proud of her newly purchased flock of 90 chickens, the eggs from which bring in some TZS 169,000 (US $71) per week, all year round. Looking back she says, “We had to make sacrifices and be disciplined to save the money we needed. We had to deal with needs, not wants.” 

Before joining the Hand in Hand business programme, Elitruda and her husband Helman, depended on just 10 chickens and the few vegetables they grew on their plot of land for food and, occasionally, income. Today, Elitruda has learned how to run a business, how to save and the “dos and don’ts of credit.” 

She has already repaid the loan of TZS 300,000 (US $127) which she used to renovate the chicken shed and then purchase those first 90 chickens. She plans to reinvest profits to expand the business to some 500 chickens.