How Asteria’s adapting her business to the changing climate

Meet Asteria, a farmer and mother-of-three from Arusha, Tanzania – which has some of the highest levels of poverty in the country.

Before joining Hand in Hand Asteria was completely dependent on her husband financially. Asteria began the training in business skills and agriculture because she wanted to help provide for her family and to expand her business knowledge.

Asteria now runs a small business selling eggs. The money she earns helps her save and meet day-to-day expenses.

Prolonged drought has persisted in the Northern part of the country affecting more than 10 semi-arid districts, including Arusha. Asteria wants to use planet-friendly farming techniques she’s learned to make a living from the land, despite the challenges posed by a changing climate. “My hope is to be able to adapt to the climate change and to farm climate resilient crops” she says.