Jane Ouma, street-seller to wholesaler

Jane Ouma sells raw and cooked fish. Her initial marketing strategy revolved around word of mouth. That was before she joined Hand in Hand. Before, Jane would sell between 20-30 fish every day. Now, just a few months later, that figure has increased five-fold. How? With training from Hand in Hand on digital marketing, bookkeeping and business skills, Jane turned her small roadside stall into a flourishing business.

“I must say, the digital marketing, in my case, really helped me,” Jane explains. Thanks to training in digital and social media marketing Jane has expanded her customer base using WhatsApp. Now, she has ambitions to grow her business further. “I expect to be doing 5,000-10,000 pieces of fish per month,” she says. Eventually Jane wants to work with bigger profit margins. “I hope to become a wholesaler within the next three years.”