Tabitha Wanjiku, building a business with her daughters

Tabitha Wanjiku Kubai is a poultry farmer in Kiambu County. Before training with Hand in Hand, she’ was only able to get KSH35 (USD 0.29) for one of her chickens. After business training she realised she could make more profit by selling the chickens in pieces. She can now make up to KSH 200 (USD 1.63) per chicken. With the profits, Tabitha saved up enough to open a store, which her daughters run. Her daughters look after the store’s social media presence, marketing the business on WhatsApp and Facebook.

“To Hand in Hand, thank you so much. Information is power. When I did not have that information, I would run my business like any other business. I have been taught; I have now moved from one step to another. I am growing.”