Veneranda and Wilfred

Life for Veneranda Mushi, her husband Wilfred and their three children is changing – they are adding a second room to their house, building a toilet and the children have all the clothes, shoes and books they need for school. 

Before joining Hand in Hand, there was never any question that Veneranda would earn money or that Wilfred would take care of the children to enable her to do so. 

After her business skills training, Veneranda started a small business buying and selling groceries, but, after taking part in gender specific training, Wilfred realised that if she grew the vegetables herself, they could make more money. So, for the first time, Wilfred gave Veneranda a plot of land for her to grow vegetables, which she could then take to market. 

Today Veneranda’s business earns about TZS60,000 (USD 25) a week – tripling the family income. Two days each week Veneranda takes her produce to the market and Wilfred stays at home to look after the children, take care of the chickens and cook the meals.  Working as a team has relieved the pressure on Wilfred to be the sole breadwinner, and made life easier for everyone.