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One day, the coronavirus will pass – a global health crisis leaving a global economic crisis in its wake. When that day comes, Hand in Hand will be ready to help our members work their way out of poverty, the same we have since Day One. Until then, we’re fighting Covid-19 with everything we’ve got.

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In early-April, Hand in Hand trainers fanned out across Herat, Balkh and Parwan provinces delivering soap, chlorine solution and life-saving virus prevention training to thousands of hard-to-reach families. It was the first time that many had heard of the virus. Now, we’re concentrating our efforts on refugee camps and communities in Balkh province in the country’s north, targeting 10,000 families overall.

Residents of Afghanistan’s camps didn’t ask to live there – they were chased there by Taliban guns and bombs. Packed together in improvised tents, struggling with malnutrition and lacking access to health services, families have none of the comforts or safeties that others take for granted. Prevention is their only hope – and in many cases, Hand in Hand is the only one providing it.

That’s we urgently need your help. Please, contact us today or donate below to help Hand in Hand save lives.


Hand in Hand is trading Self-Help Groups for SMS’, motorbikes for mobile phones, reaching out to more than 85,000 members individually while Kenya is on lockdown to deliver handwashing guidelines and other health messages, signpost to vital health services, and counter fake news.

At the same time, we’re empowering our members to lead the fight against Covid-19 in their communities, providing advice on how to produce soap and masks, boosting food security by pointing rural members to alternative sources of seedlings and crops, and making sure far-flung communities get their messages to distant government officials. All this while restructuring repayment plans for members who’ve taken loans.

But perhaps our most vital contribution is the one we’re still planning. Today, emergency responders like the Kenya Red Cross are rightly at the fore. When the health crisis recedes, it will be up to Hand in Hand and others like us to spearhead Kenya’s economic recovery. To find out how we intend to do it, please, get in touch.


As it goes in Kenya, so it goes in Tanzania, another country where Hand in Hand trainers are reaching out to members via phone and SMS. Measures we’re taking in Tanzania include cascading health messages to every corner of our membership and beyond via Self-Help Group leaders, helping members pivot to soap and mask production, and making sure agricultural members have all the inputs and advice they need to keep their communities food-secure.

Like in Kenya, we’re also preparing to help lead the country’s economic recovery after the worst of the health crisis recedes.

Coronavirus appeal

Hand in Hand Afghanistan is delivering soap, chlorine solution and life-saving virus prevention training to 10,000 families living in refugee camps and deprived communities.

To reach them, we urgently need your help.



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