Vote for Hand in Hand

Change 62,300 kids’ lives

Vote for Hand in Hand International as your Deutsche Bank Charity of the Year and you’ll help some of the world’s poorest parents pull themselves and their children up and out of poverty

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When parents work,
kids don’t have to

When parents have the skills and money to run their own businesses, it means their children can go to school. It also means they get to eat better food, live in safer homes, enjoy their childhoods and dream of brighter futures


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Every £63 raised
creates one job

Independent figures show that every £63 we raise creates one job. Since 2003 we’ve created 2.15 million jobs worldwide and helped to transform the lives of more than 4.5 million children. As Deutsche Bank Charity of the year, we estimate we’ll be able to create 27,000 jobs and change the lives of 62,300 children. And all you need to do is vote.


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A few years ago Florida couldn’t afford to buy basic groceries. Now she sells them in her own shop, and she’s saving to put her four children through school. Vote for Hand in Hand as your Deutsche Bank Charity of the Year and you’ll help more kids live the lives they deserve


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A message from John Kay, Financial Times

"I support Hand in Hand because I believe the best way in which we can aid poor countries is by helping them to develop the business skills which will not only bring greater prosperity to the present generation and their children but establish a springboard for future growth. I am impressed that Hand in Hand does not only provide finance to people with entrepreneurial skills but training which gives them the knowledge and confidence to develop successful businesses. And these programmes are not simply parachuted in from outside but embedded in local communities so that their impact will continue into the future, and develop and grow. Hand in Hand tackles the roots of poverty rather than poverty itself, and that is the only route to a world free of poverty."