Dorothea Arndt appointed CEO of Hand in Hand International

14 Feb 2018

Dorothea Arndt talks to the Sisters of Hope Self-Help Group at their meeting in Mumandu, Kenya.

Hand in Hand International wishes to announce the appointment of Dorothea Arndt as CEO. She replaces Josefine Lindänge Gutman, who is stepping down on 22 February after 10 years at Hand in Hand.

Dorothea joined Hand in Hand International in 2013 as Head of Communications. In 2015, her role expanded to include Corporate Partnerships, and for the past year she has acted as Co-CEO responsible for Hand in Hand International’s UK operations during Josefine Lindänge Gutman’s maternity leave. Before joining Hand in Hand International, she managed sales and communications teams at companies including Shell and PwC, and transitioned to not-for profit at the British Red Cross.

“What we’re doing to fight poverty is working, and today’s announcement reflects that,” said Dorothea. “It is a vote of confidence not just for me but for everyone who helps us to transform lives with entrepreneurship: our staff here in London, our colleagues in the field, and all of the donors and partners who make our work possible.”

Outgoing CEO Josefine Lindänge said:

“Helping to grow Hand in Hand International into the truly effective organisation it is today has been among the greatest honours of my life. I am certain Dorothea will take us to the next level.”

Hand in Hand International Chairman Bruce Grant said:

“Dorothea steps into the CEO role bringing intelligence, dedication and tenacity to the Hand in Hand cause. On behalf of the entire board of trustees, we look forward to working with her to raise the funds to transform a targeted 13.7 million lives by 2021.”