Fund For Fearless Women

The Fund for Fearless Women (FFFW) supports women in Africa to change their world for the better – to challenge the accepted way of doing things and the cultural norms that say ‘no, you can’t’ and ‘no, you shouldn’t’. 

In the remote villages of rural Kenya and Tanzania most women do not have a voice and their accepted role is restricted to housekeeper, cook, child carer, water carrier and farm labourer. FFFW will empower women to stand up and be fearless, to take control of their finances, speak up and be heard in the home.  

Inevitably this kind of support requires flexibility from Hand in Hand and that flexibility comes at a cost, which is why we are launching the Fund For Fearless Women. The FFFW will give Hand in Hand the flexibility to respond to local circumstances, such as paying our business trainers in Tanzania more to work during the evenings or weekends when women have the time to attend our business training sessions. 

Ultimately the FFFW is about money and power for our women members, and making sure they have more of both – to seize their own destinies, make themselves heard and raise the next generation out of poverty. 

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