The Big Give

The eyes of the world are on Europe’s refugee crisis. This holiday season, spare a thought for those who’ve been left behind in Afghanistan, the source of almost 20 percent of refugees to arrive in Europe in 2015.

For two days only – Friday 4 December and Saturday 5 December, starting at noon each day – when you donate to Hand in Hand International via The Big Give, your donation can be doubled with match-funding.

Why they need your help

Life in Sar-e Pol province, Afghanistan is tough – particularly for women. Almost 50 percent of girls are married or engaged by 12, pushed into marriages by parents who can’t afford to care for them. Custom prevents women from working or going to school, leaving their wellbeing entirely up to men. Domestic violence is increasing.

You can help.

By training Afghan women to launch and grow their own businesses, Hand in Hand empowers them to seize control of their lives. Just ask Feroza (pictured), a 22-year-old mum who started a tailoring enterprise after joining our programme and learning the basics of business. “My new income means I can spend money on my daughter the way I think is best, without waiting for my husband’s approval,” she says. The money she earns goes to food, medicine and, one day, school fees for her daughter.

What you can do (with match funding)

Start-up toolkits will provide 340 women like Feroza with the equipment they need to start a business such as a tailor shop, poultry farm or embroidery workshop.


2 start-up toolkits: £56


4 start-up toolkits: £112


6 start-up tookits: £168

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