We’re (sort of) number two!

18 Aug 2016

World's 10 largest employers versus the number of jobs created by Hand in Hand

Around the start of 2015 one of our team noticed something, well, kinda cool. We’ll admit up front it wasn’t the least bit scientific. In fact, it was the kind of thing that could – and, we suspect, did – give our M&E manager heart palpitations. (Sorry, Stuart.) Too bad for him that the Communications team runs this blog, and we’ll do with it as we please. Take the above graph, for example.

What you’re looking at are the world’s 10 largest employers ranked by workforce, versus the number of jobs created by Hand in Hand, both in early-2015 and today. That’s right, people: we’re number two – ! – sandwiched between the People’s Liberation Army of China and the US Department of Defense. Don’t shoot!

Like we said, the comparison is grossly unscientific – less ‘apples and oranges’ than ‘apples and aircraft carriers’. Still, we think it’s a pretty neat testament to how far we’ve come in 13 short years – and how far we know we can go in the next 13.

Just, er, don’t tell the Pentagon.