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Hand in Hand India is our oldest and biggest operation. It was here, in the southern province of Tamil Nadu, that co-founders Dr Kalpana Sankar and Percy Barnevik first met in 2004. And it continues to be here, now in seven states and counting, that we create the most businesses and jobs.

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Infographic: 948,000 members

2.05 million members

Every Hand in Hand entrepreneur starts as Self-Help Group member. Organised by Hand in Hand India staff, Self-Help Groups learn together, save together and, occasionally, go into business together. Our members are trained in saving and financial discipline, business skills and, where relevant, professional skills such as tailoring.

Infographic: 1 million businesses

2.17 million businesses

Businesses are an important metric for Hand in Hand. According to an independent review conducted by M-CRIL, every woman who receives a business microloan facilitated by Hand in Hand India supports 1.65 jobs.

Infographic: 1.48 million jobs

3.33 million jobs

Jobs are at the core of what we do, and no one in our network creates more than Hand in Hand India. Some of the entrepreneurs we help in India manage social enterprises based around internet access. Others run shops or drive taxis. And others still manufacture goods including bricks, textiles and Hindu idols. Whatever they do, sustainability is paramount. According to a study conducted by M-CRIL, 97 percent of jobs created by Hand in Hand India continued to exist three years after our support. (338,000 seasonal jobs are excluded from the total figure.)

Infographic: US $223 million in loans

US $813 million in loans

Hand in Hand India entrepreneurs almost always borrow from Self-Help Group savings funds. But in the event they need more than their groups can provide, Hand in Hand India steps in to provide access to microfinance. Repayment rates are a steady 99 percent.


Hand in Hand India works in seven states in India, with plans to expand into one more. Pilot operations in Cambodia and Myanmar were launched in 2012 and 2013 respectively. Map-Asia

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